Memory Care

The Woodlands Memory Care Facility is dedicated to offering the best possible care for those struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.   We also look after the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of our residents’ lives. We give optimal care for our seniors and their family members and we encourage partners of those struggling with Alzheimer’s or dementia to join their loved one in our home. Introduce your loved one to a family oriented memory care facility with senior services infused with the hospitality they deserve. Whether your loved one needs a helping hand with daily activities or personal assistance, our community provides enhanced memory care with a level of attentive compassion your whole family will appreciate. We treat each resident individually and have a care plan designed to meet their specific needs.

We believe life gets better with age. And we make it happen.

The Woodlands is a Memory Care community designed to provide exceptional person-centered holistic care to residents. We understand that Activity of Daily Living (ADL) assistance or a memory-illness diagnosis is trying on a family and their loved one. That’s why every detail of our professional care program is in place to ease the tension associated with aging and while providing an engaging, purposeful lifestyle. When screening Memory Care communities, it’s essential to understand whether or not a location can provide the exceptional care your loved one deserves. As such, outstanding memory care is our top priority. Our nursing staff remains onsite 24/7 to ensure residential safety and health. We’ll arrange any trips to the doctor’s office, coordinate health care plans with partner providers, and provide medication management when necessary.

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Years of service

Recreational Services, Chaplain Services, Life Enrichment Activities, Family integrated educational programs, Beautiful Courtyards… These are just a few of our specialties. But what really makes us stand out amongst the rest? Why choose us, you wonder? Well our motto here at woodlands
will have you ponder no more.

Caring is not what we do here at woodlands, it is who we are.
Come on in and feel that vibe. We’re one, big, happy family kind of thing. And we make sure to give you or your loved one that quality of life that’s seems so elusive in something as big a word as ‘facility’. The Woodlands. Our place. Your home. Come and feel The Woodlands difference.

Dine like a king.

Our in-house, talented chefs will have you wining and dining like royalty with heavenly but healthy cuisine. Dishes that will whet your appetite and keep you satisfied, catered to your preferences.

No more menial tasks for you. With our proficient housekeeping crew, you can sit back and relax and never clean a mess again. Be pampered like a princess. With salon services at your doorstep, you’ll always look and feel beautiful. Be treated like a Prince. With our medication management services, shower assistance, memory care and any other therapy or aid you might need, You’ll always be looked after and taken care of.

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